Valeant and Sprout CEOs discuss $1B deal
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/28/2015
Valeant CEO Mike Pearson and Sprout CEO Cindy Whitehead stop by CNBC to discuss $1B acquisition, which focuses on the new female libido drug Addyi .  The discussion dives into the details of Addyis science, FDA approval, market potential and future m[...]
Google Life Sciences partners with DexCom in diabetes monitoring
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/26/2015
This is not your grandfathers life sciences industry. In less than a week, a Kardashian has drawn a warning letter from the FDA and Google has announced its officially corporate launch into medical devices. We have all long known of Googles research [...]
Valeant to acquire Sprout following FDA approval for female Viagra
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/20/2015
View More: Health News|Live News|More News Videos Valeant Pharmaceuticals will pay $1 billion for Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the closely held company that just won approval to sell the first drug that aims to boost a woman’s libido. Under the terms of t[...]
Robotic hand empowers 5 year old to throw out first pitch
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/19/2015
Five year old Hailey Dawson threw out the first pitch at an Orioles game last night. Fascinating is that Dawson was wearing what she calls her special hand, a robotic prosthesis designed for the 5-year-old by engineers at UNLV then brought to life us[...]
Allergan CEO shares strategy on Teva deal
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/18/2015
Allergan CEO Brent Saunders discusses selling Allergans generic unit to Teva Pharmaceutical for $40.5 billion, which should move the company to a debt-free position at some point in 2016. Once all the dust has settled, the old Actavis has essentially[...]
Kim Kardashian draws FDA Warning Letter
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/12/2015
It sounds like a satirical headline from The Onion, but instead it is reality television invading the life sciences industry.  Kim Kardashian has drawn the ire of the Food & Drug Administration with an Instagram post now directly responsible for an F[...]
Supernus treats ADHD aggression with a new drug candidate
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/10/2015
Supernus Pharmaceuticals CEO Jack Khattar discusses a promising new drug that treats impulsive aggression in adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Supernus is headquartered in Rockville, MD with a focus on epilepsy and ADHD.
FDA approves first 3D printed pill
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/6/2015
When we think about 3-D printing as relates to the life sciences, the first frontier has long been assumed to be limited to printing medical devices. Well surprisingly, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the first 3D printed pill. The medi[...]
Baxalta to Shire: We are young.
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/5/2015
Yesterday, Shire went public with a $30B hostile bid for Baxalta, a company that was just formed as a spinoff of Baxter Healthcare on July 1st. Today, Baxalta replied: As a new, publicly-traded entity only since July 1, we are just in the initial sta[...]
Shire makes hostile bid for Baxalta
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 8/4/2015
This M&A carousel refuses to stop as Shire has gone public with a hostile bid for Baxalta, which was spun off from Baxter on July 1. Wall Street Journal
After realignment, Glaxosmithkline under pressure to deliver
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 7/30/2015
GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty most recent quarterly reports have some scratching their head. The financials were solid with shares jumping almost 3% on relatively strong sales numbers. However, many are wondering about GSKs path forward with new p[...]
Amgen and Regeneron open new class of cholesterol drugs
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 7/27/2015
Regenerons Praluent has received approval from the FDA, opening a new class of cholesterol lowering drugs.  Praluent has now been approved in the United States for those with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HeFH), the most common heredita[...]
21st Century Cures Act passes House, increases FDA/NIH funding
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 7/13/2015
Late last week, the House of passed a bill that would elevate funding for medical research at the National Institutes of Health and also raise the budget for the Food and Drug Administration. The bill was drafted by House Energy and Commerce Committe[...]
Kite Pharma CEO on the next generation of immunotherapy
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 7/8/2015
Kite Pharma CEO Arie Belldegrun discusses the future of immunotherapy and its collaboration to develop cancer T-cell therapies. Founded in 2009 in southern California, Kite Pharma is working toward engineering a patients own T-cells to target and att[...]
Celgene invests big in Juno Therapeutics for immunotherapy
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 7/6/2015
Juno Therapeutics CEO Hans Bishop discusses the companys strategic collaboration with Celgene to develop advance immunotherapies for patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. Celgene has announced a $1billion investment in a 10-year partnership w[...]
Allergan CEO settles into leading new company; Botox for depression?
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/24/2015
Allergan President and CEO Brent Saunders is now settling into his new role leading the combined Actavis/Allergan organization after one of the most successful deals of the past 12 months. Most revealing from his interview might be the early stage te[...]
United Therapeutics CEO does it her own way
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/23/2015
United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt talks with CNBC about the future of transplants and near-term RNA techniques. Rothblatt is easily one of the most fascinating CEOs in the life sciences, having previously founded Sirius Radio before launching[...]
Drug industry pushes for 12-year exclusivity period in trade deal
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/19/2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is poised to be the largest free-trade deal in history. Part of the TPP negotiations have the biopharmaceutical industry pushing for a 12-year exclusivity period.  Among the 12 parties to TPP, the United States is [...]
Regeneron CEO talks new cholesterol drugs
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/17/2015
Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer talks about an FDA panels approval of Sanofi-Regenerons new cholesterol-lowering drugs. An FDA advisory committee on Tuesday recommended approval of a new type of experimental cholesterol-fighting drug that could be mo[...]
Exact Sciences CEO talks cancer screening diagnostics
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/16/2015
When Kevin Conroy took over as CEO of Exact Sciences in 2009, the molecular-diagnostics company was facing delisting from the NASDAQ with its stock trading for $1. Today, he is on CNBC discussing the development of an early stage, blood-based diagnos[...]
Endochoice CEO on NYSE following IPO
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/15/2015
EndoChoice President and CEO Mark Gilreath discusses the companys recent initial public offering, growth and new technology. The Atlanta-based companys product is full spectrum endoscopy that provides a better solution for colonoscopies.
Statins beware: Next generation of cholesterol drugs about to arrive
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/11/2015
With ASCO in our rear view mirror, the talk in Big Pharma has shifted from immune-oncology to cholesterol, as a new generation of drugs prepares to be reviewed by FDA advisory panels this week.
BMS and Astrazeneca feud over research executive, lawsuit pending
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/10/2015
There is a battle being waged amongst the biggest drug makers in the world. It is a race to market with the latest generation of cancer treatments powered by the body’s own immune system. Immuno-oncology is on fire and looks to be the growth engine f[...]
Edwards CEO talks heart surgery on CNBC
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/9/2015
Edwards Lifesciences CEO Mike Mussallem discusses major strides the medical community has made in cardiovascular treatment.
Clovis Oncology stars at ASCO
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 6/8/2015
Last week, analysts predicted that Clovis Oncology would be closely watched at ASCO. Clovis is in a race with AstraZeneca to bring a new lung cancer drug to market. Clovis Oncology CEO Patrick Mahaffy was interviewed by CNBC in Chicago:
Robotic hand empowers 5 y[...]
Five year old Hailey Dawson threw out the first pitch at an Orioles game last night. Fascinating is [...]
Allergan CEO shares strat[...]
Allergan CEO Brent Saunders discusses selling Allergan’s generic unit to Teva Pharmaceutical for $40[...]
Kim Kardashian draws FDA [...]
It sounds like a satirical headline from The Onion, but instead it is reality television invading th[...]
Supernus treats ADHD aggr[...]
Supernus Pharmaceuticals CEO Jack Khattar discusses a promising new drug that treats impulsive aggre[...]
FDA approves first 3D pri[...]
When we think about 3-D printing as relates to the life sciences, the first frontier has long been a[...]