Valeant CEO on CNBC talking Salix deal
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/26/2015
Remember when Lilly CEO John Lechleiter caught so much heat for appearing on CNBC almost every week of the calendar?  Well, Valeant CEO Mike Pearson is making a run at the title. He appeared (on set, of course) with CNBC this week to review his compa[...]
Female Viagra resubmitted to FDA
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/25/2015
Sprout Pharmaceuticals is again seeking FDA approval through a resubmission of its application to market its once-daily non-hormonal pill flibanserin for use in premenopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The drug has a fascinating hi[...]
Valeant to pay $14.5B for Salix, another bidder?
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/23/2015
Valeant and Salix both had a relatively horrible year in 2014. Perhaps, they will do better together in 2015. Last year, Valeant spent months trying to acquire Allergan and lost in the end to Actavis. Salix, meanwhile, suffered through severe wholesa[...]
Actavis to adopt Allergan name, poised for growth
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/18/2015
Actavis CEO Brent Saunders briefed CNBC on Wednesday on details regarding the merger with Allergan, including the surprising news that the combined company will adopt the Allergan corporate name. According to Saunders: The acquisition is on track to [...]
John Oliver skewers Big Pharma on Last Week Tonight
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/16/2015
John Oliver, formerly a correspondent with Comedy Centrals The Daily Show, now hosts his own program called Last Week Tonight on HBO. This past weekend, he roasted the global pharmaceutical industry in a segment which is both educational and well, fu[...]
Smart pills: Next generation of blockbuster drugs?
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/12/2015
Even if youve worked a lifetime in the life sciences industry, a new drug class called nootorpics may not be on your radar. The term nootropics refers to a wide range of artificial and natural compounds which are thought to enhance cognitive function[...]
The big picture: Why Pfizer acquired Hospira
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/11/2015
Pfizer agreed to pay about $17 billion in cash and debt to purchase Hospira, which specializes in developing biosimilars and generic versions of injectable treatments.  The acquisition will further expand Pfizers established pharmaceutical business a[...]
Commissioner resigns after six years at FDA
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/9/2015 As reported by Reuters, Dr. Margaret Hamburg is resigning after nearly six years as FDA commissioner.  Hamuburgs tenure marks one of the longest for a modern day head at the FDA and is marked by significant [...]
Obama touts Precision Medicine Initiative
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/4/2015
Building on President Obama’s announcement in his State of the Union Address, the White House is unveiling details about the Precision Medicine Initiative, a bold new research effort to revolutionize the promotion of health and treatment of disease. [...]
Chimerix CEO on Ebola drug, clinical testing in Africa
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/3/2015
Chimerix CEO Michelle Berrey discusses the testing of its Ebola drug in West Africa.
Congressman proposes Big Pharma swear jar
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 2/2/2015
Just when you think you have heard it all Huffington Post
With wide support, Hatch files Senate bill to repeal medical device tax
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/28/2015
Momentum to repeal the medical device tax is building. The Medical Device Access & Innovation Protection Act, a bipartisan bill to repeal the 2.3% excise tax on medical devices, was introduced in the Senate on Tuesday by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), a[...]
Valeant CEO defends business after losing Allergan to Actavis
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/22/2015
Valeant CEO Mike Pearson claims the company is on a mission to prove allegations against the business model during the Allergan acquisition are not true.  In an interview with Financial Times, Pearson remarks: Part of our thesis was that no one else [...]
Obama supports personalized medicine, life sciences in SOTU speech
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/21/2015
Last night brought President Barack Obamas State of the Union address, during which he announced a provision specific to the life sciences industry. From the SOTU, Obama will ask Congress for funds to launch a precision medicine initiative to acceler[...]
Ariad CEO Harvey Berger at JPMHC
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/21/2015
Ariad CEO Harvey Berger talks commercial success and the companys new cancer drug.
Orexigen CEO Mike Narachi at JPMHC
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/20/2015
Orexigen CEO Mike Narachi talks about its recent obesity drug launch.
The lighter side of JPM Healthcare conference
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/15/2015
Funny thing about the JP Morgan event is youll never see this many suits in SF any other time of the year #JPM15 — Dave Saunders (@davesaunders) January 12, 2015 Cute. #jpm15 — Chris Seper (@chrisseper) January 14, 2015 S[...]
JPMHC: 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki talks data
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/15/2015
23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki is married to Sergey Brin, founder of Google. And, the company aspires to a similar path, hoping to dominate the data-driven business model for the life sciences industry. The journey started with consumer-based genetic test[...]
Convicted Imclone CEO Sam Waksal reappears at JPMHC
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/15/2015
In a compelling interview with CNBC, former Imclone CEO Sam Waksal reveals how the insider trading scandal has impacted his life and his involvement with his new company, Kadmon.
JPMHC: Actavis CEO Brett Saunders is a rock star
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/15/2015
Actavis CEO Brett Saunders now leads one of the biggest and most talked about companies in the life sciences industry, after winning the battle with Valeant to acquire Allergan in late 2014.  Today, he speaks with CNBC at JP Morgan Healthcare confere[...]
JPMHC: Celgene CEO Robert Hugin
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/14/2015
As usual, Celgene kicked off the 2015 JPMorgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco.  Celgene CEO Robert Hugin talks pipeline, plans for 2015 and his goal to reach $20B in revenue by 2020.
JPMHC: Biogen Idec CEO George Scangos
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/14/2015
JPMHC: Biogen Idec CEO George Scangos
JPMHC: Agios CEO David Schenkein
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/13/2015
Agios CEO Dr. David Schenkein explains a cancers metabolism, and the companys priorities for 2015.
JPMHC: Merck CEO Ken Frazier
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/13/2015
JPMorgans Healthcare conference, the annual life sciences carnival, is underway in San Francisco. Well have updates, interviews and presentations all week. First up, Merck CEO Ken Frazier
The Woodstock of Life Sciences, JPMHC gets underway in San Francisco
Jeffrey Clark - Posted: 1/12/2015
The JPMorgan health care conference starts today in San Francisco, the annual pilgrimage for life sciences CEOs, their deal making teams and investors. The conference got off to a quick start with Shire purchasing NJ-based NPS Pharmaceuticals for $5.[...]
John Oliver skewers Big P[...]
John Oliver, formerly a correspondent with Comedy Centrals The Daily Show, now hosts his own program[...]
Obama touts Precision Med[...]
Building on President Obama’s announcement in his State of the Union Address, the White House is unv[...]
Chimerix CEO on Ebola dru[...]
Chimerix CEO Michelle Berrey discusses the testing of its Ebola drug in West Africa.
With wide support, Hatch [...]
Momentum to repeal the medical device tax is building.
Valeant CEO defends busin[...]
Valeant CEO Mike Pearson claims the company is on a mission to prove allegations against the busines[...]