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Leaving California? Companies look for alternatives in NC, GA

by Jeffrey Clark on March 14, 2013

Residents, money and companies…they all seem to be leaving California.  San Diego-based Digirad is leaving California and relocating its headquarters to Atlanta.  The digital diagnostic imaging company stated that its relocation is designed to cut costs and “better align with a new strategic focus going forward.”  So, first of all, Digirad just recruited a new CEO, who happens to live in the suburbs of Atlanta.

And, they are certainly not the first to consider leaving the West Coast in search of greener financial pastures.  California’s high costs of employment, taxation and cost of living have wealthy resident, job-hunting residents, and other companies acting or considering the same strategy.

The most profile thus far has been ResMed, also headquartered just north of San Diego in southern California, which is considering a move to Texas.  According to CEO Peter Farrell in December, “California just doesn’t have a business-friendly environment, and my gut says it will get worse. Do we want to sit around on the deck of the Titanic?”

Even top-ranked golfer Phil Mickelson ignited a firestorm last month by suggesting that the state’s tax landscape might force him to consider moving elsewhere.

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