"North Carolina's greatest strength and asset remains its people. Across this state, it's the people that count and that make a difference."
Governor Pat McCrory
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For those already in North Carolina and others hoping to get here, this community serves to help you explore the next opportunity in your life sciences career. Your involvement and our communication with you will be private and discreet. Along the way, we’ll bring you closer to the decision-makers in North Carolina’s life sciences industry and keep you informed of all the latest developments in our great state. We look forward to staying connected and helping you grow your life sciences career in North Carolina.
North Carolina is consistently ranked among the best business climates in America.
Our great labor environment and skilled productive workers, along with a comprehensive workforce development network and exceptional educational opportunities, ensure that people and businesses have what they need to thrive. North Carolina's access to major markets and global connectivity helps to move goods and people efficiently. In fact, we have the largest state-maintained highway system in the nation as well as 76 public, 225 private and three international airports. Consider also we are a a right-to-work state, maintain one of the lowest costs of doing business as well as a low cost of living, and you can see why our population is growing at twice the national average.